The Pork Pit – Montego Bay

If you are in the market for some authentic Jamaican jerk Pork, then you couldn’t do much better than making your way to the Pork Pit in Montego Bay.

After a day spent frolicking on the beach or a n afternoon browsing the shops in downtown, head up the hill to Gloucester Avenue and before you reach the gates, you will smell the rich, spicy aromas wafting down on the cool afternoon breezes.

This is alfresco dining cafeteria style, you order your food at the counter, pick up your rum punch (or non alcoholic versions), and collect your pork from the barbecues outside.

If you’re brave enough, you can pick the pork that you want, otherwise the chef will choose, chop and serve you the most succulent jerk pork or chicken you have ever tasted.

It’s simple and easy no fuss, no problem. You can order a range of side dishes as well as soft or alcholic drinks. The ambience is relaxed and it’s a cool place to just chill and enjoy the sunset over the water close by.

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2 Responses to The Pork Pit – Montego Bay

  1. mathew

    I just recently came back from Jamaica and we went there 4 times it was amazing and so were the festivals =)

    • Editor

      Hi Matthew, I must admit it’s the first place I want to go when I land at Montego Bay Airport just to get the taste of Jamaica right from the off. The vibe there is so chilled and relaxed, and of course the food it delicious

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