Jerk Festival Tasty’s Success

The Jerk cookout this year had an altogether more roomy feel today as people flocked to the larger Brockwell Park for the annual celebration of African Caribbean cooking, formerly staged at Hornimans Gardens in Forest Hill.

It had all the right ingredients, and for once the queues normally seen at each stall we not as crippling (for the people queueing) as they were last year when a 2 hour wait was common, especially for latecomers. Judging by the queues. Tasty Jerk was the winner this year. They were the only stall that had any form of queue, though I wonder if the lack of crowds this year was less to do with the space, and more to do with the Jamaican Family Day that was going on a couple of miles up the road in Crystal Palace Park. That event according to reports was absolutely flooded with people and not much food. Still for us, the abundance of choice was great!

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