Dutchie Honey Sweet & Sour Pork Stir Fry

Now I must admit, I cooked this tonight and forgot to set aside some for the picture so in the meantime, enjoy the image shown and next time I will show you what it looks like. It was however a triumph of sweet succulent pork delight, even if I say so myself. Finger licking, quick to prepare and even if you don’t have a wok, the Dutch pot did do it justice.

The inspiration for this came from Chinese Chef & Food writer Ching He Huang, and since in JA our motto is ‘Out of Many One People’,  and since we have a huge Chinese population in JA, I feel justified in putting this recipe on the best Caribbean recipe site on the net.

Anyway, check out the ingredients list on the left. Make sure you get the best quality pork that you can, I would suggest using the spare rib chops as I find these to be more succulent than chops. The preparation time is about 20 minutes and cooking time around 25-30 minutes.

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