Caribbean Food Recipes

The Caribbean is a great place to visit and part of its charm is the food. If you’ve been won over and love Caribbean food then it is probably not a big gap between eating at Caribbean restaurants and then trying to cook caribbean food at home. If this is you, someone who wants to try out some caribbean food recipes at home, then we’ve got some ideas for great starting recipes that you should be able to cook at home, even if you’re not Gordon Ramsey.

What is great about Caribbean food is the influences from all over the world that make it special. The original inhabitants of the caribbean islands were south American indians, the Tainos, Carib and Arawak indians. The European occupation of the islands during the colonial periods, brought food influences from Spain, Portugal, France and England, and also new fruits and vegetables trees and plants, now associated with the Islands. Post colonial caribbean food influences including from China and India.

When you begin to cook caribbean food, you will notice that you will use lots of different spices. This is a significant component of caribbean food. What is incrasing interesting is the stories and histories that are associated with some quite famous dishes such as Jerk Pork

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