Caribbean Cooking Made Easy – Levi Roots

Levi Roots hit the public consciousness when he became in his own words ‘the Dragon Slayer’ and this book accompanies his BBC2 series of the same name. This his second literary offering is a great resource for those who want to try caribbean recipes with a difference.

Levi Roots still prepares the dishes with a great deal of Caribbean authenticity but adds diversity with the use of added ingredients or takes on classics given a Caribbean Twist.

The book makes a great accompliment to the series where you can see Levi preparing some of the 100 recipes within the book. In addition to the recipes, Levi gives a good run down of the items that any Caribbean cook should (or would) have in their kitchen and their repertoire.

If you aspire to cook Caribbean Food, this book would be a great one for your recipe shelf. It’s available widely in bookstores and online

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2 Responses to Caribbean Cooking Made Easy – Levi Roots

  1. Karoll george

    Hi Levi:
    This is Karoll, I was born in Panama but my family travel abroad to Spain when I was very small, were I was raced, anyway my family roots comes from jamaica.
    Althoug my mum has shown me how to coock west indian food, I’m loocking forward ton learn more
    about our cousin in order not to loose my roots, now that I live so far away from home, I still need our special flavours. Thank u so much for your recipes.
    I will like to ask if you know how to make bon, this fantastic bread that my grandma use make & if you can send me the recipe. best regards Karoll.

    • Editor

      Hi Karol, this isn’t Levi’s site but I am sure he *reads* us. We will try to find a nice Bun recipe for you and post it to the recipe section. Make sure you subscribe so that you can get up to date Caribbean food recipes on a regular basis

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