Authentic Jamaican Rice and Peas

There is something quite beautiful about real authentic Jamaican rice and peas. Unlike say how it’s cooked in Mexican food, or Southern cooking in Jamaican cooking as with other caribbean food, this dish is cooked together, i.e. the rice is mixed with the peas, they are not cooked or served separately. Authentic Jamaican rice and peas is a great side dish that can accompany chicken, meat or fish.

Remember all Caribbean food is cooked with love, so remember to prepare all the ingredients before hand and add a little of your own ingenuity. Add herbs, spices, vegetables that are all cooked down with the rice and peas.

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2 Responses to Authentic Jamaican Rice and Peas

  1. Dominique Morsay

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  2. Andrew Nadel

    Thanks for that , useful stuff. I get bored of plain rice but i’m not exactly very good at cooking. There’s a lot of easy ideas at this rice recipe website I found that your readers might like too.

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